Hassan Y. Dawood

Hello World,

I live in Boston, MA and currently work as Senior Operations Manager and Head of Platform (Beiwe) for the Onnela Lab in the Biostatistics Department at Harvard School of Public Health. I’m passionate about using digital tools in the mental health space and using technology to improve healthcare operations and outcomes.

Prior to joining the Onnela Lab, I received my bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Economics from the College of William & Mary in 2010 and worked for Brigham and Women’s Hospital in multiple roles including the Data & Analytics Manager for the Neurosurgery and Psychiatry departments and the Neurosurgery Skull Base Coordinator. I also co-founded the Computational Neuroscience Outcomes Center in the Neurosurgery department.

In my free time I love running, skiing, videography, drones, Legos, wearables, digital medicine, working with health data (including my own), data visualization, and combining these passions in new ways.

I post anything from professional publications to personal data projects along with a smattering of drone footage. Enjoy!